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Camarero para buque petrolero, 1560 USD/mes


Wage:$ 1 560 per month
Vessel Type:Crude Oil Tanker
Contract duration:6 months
Seaman Citizenship:Russia

Interesados: af@ipotekcentr.org

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  1. morning, my name is Victor Lisandro. Salazar Cazorla, a merchant mariner by profession, chef-waiter with more than 30 years of experience. Internationally certified, up-to-date documents and Venezuelan and Panamanian medical exams. I come with a history of work in companies. CAVN. General cargo company. I have worked since 1985 until 1995..10 years of service I was later in some INEA tugboats.Venzuela.2 years later in 2002 until 2017 I was working for 15 years with BSM..later I was in a Spanish company called mantenichip. I am currently not working but I am at your disposal with all my documents up to date thank you happy day Victor salazar. +584121028097

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