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Alumnos de Cubierta para buques de Pasajeros

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Alumnos de Cubierta para buques de Pasajeros

We are looking for Deck Cadets/Sports Attendant to join passenger vessels within May 2022.

We are looking for future Officers, interested in sailing ships, good in water sports, Good English, sociable.
Experience in water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, dinghy sailing, diving, snorkeling, etc.

Contract duration: 6 +/- 1 months
Salary: EUR 600 + EUR 15 uniform allowance

Potential applicant should be in possession of:

  • Covid 19 certificate;
  • Basic training;
  • DSD cert;
  • Training for Personnel Serving on Passengers Ships cert;
  • Boat Driving License.

Applicants can send us CV’s directly on: mau.izmail@mau.com.uacv@mau.com.ua

Phone +38 04841 58106
Fax +38 04841 58107
Mob +38 067 8902416
URL www.mau.com.ua

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