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Alumno de puente para buque portacontenedores, 350 USD/mes


Deck Cadet
Wage:$ 350 per month
Vessel Type:Container Ship
Start date:16/01/2023
Contract duration:6 months

Interesados: crew.dep@genco-south.com

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  1. ’m Isaac Nimlin from Venezuela, actually cadet of Maritime University of Caribbean. I speak 3 lenguages Spanish, English and Portuguese. I interesting in apply for work with us! Thanks for the opportunity! I hope we can meet soon!!

    I would like to arrange an interview. Please take my email for the next contact: isaacjosenimlin@gmail.com

    Regards, Deck Cadet Isaac Nimlin.

  2. I’m Carlos Bardolet Garcia, student of the Nautical Faculty of Barcelona(UPC) and currently looking for cadet hours.
    I’m interested in the deck cadet offer.
    I will send you my CV and presentation letter, but if you want more information we can meet, personally or telematically.
    Thank you for your attention.

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