5th Anniversary International Forum and Exhibition Greenhouse Complexes Russia & CIS 2020


Investment projects on construction and modernisation of greenhouse complexes will be presented at the 5th Anniversary International Forum and Exhibition Greenhouse Complexes Russia & CIS 2020

Date: 2-4 December 2020
Place: Moscow, Baltschug Kempinski
Organised by: Vostock Capital
Website: https://www.greenhousesforum.com/en/

5th Anniversary International Forum and Exhibition Greenhouse Complexes Russia & CIS 2020 – is an established professional international platform for attracting investment in the Greenhouse Industry of Russia, discussion of industry development strategies, exchanging experience between key market players and signing new win-win contracts.

The Forum is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

Silver sponsor: Svetogor. Bronze sponsors: Unitec, Pylot, FITO.

The Forum unites investors from Europe and the CIS, initiators of greenhouse projects for from all regions of Russia, senior executives from federal and regional agricultural holdings, representatives of Russian regulating agencies, heads of the regions, top managers from retail chains and service companies, presidents of national unions and associations as well as investors from Asia.

The event annually brings together participants from Russia and the CIS: ECO-culture, Greenhouse Growth Technologies, Lipetskagro, Agrocombinat Yuzhniy, Agrocomplex Churilovo, Agrofirma Vyborzhets, Agro Management, White Dacha Trading, Agroculture Group, Chekhovsky Sad, Flowers of Udmurtiya, AgroInwest, Greenhouse, Penzensky Greenhouse Plant, Agrocomplex Ivanisovo, BRBAPK, Spayka, Agrocomplex Sunzha, Agromarket, Andropovsky Greenhouse Plant, Green Eco, Grow Group Azerbaijan, Grodno Vegetable Factory, Agrocomplex Rodina, Tatarinovo Greenhouse Plant, GBU Ozelenenie, GUP VOSHP Zarya, Rodina (Grozny), TK Aleksandrovsky, Agrocomplex Volzhsky, Crimea Vegetable Factory, Agrocomplex Doskino, Ryazan Vegetables, Belogorya Greenhouse Complex, Tonshalovsky Greenhouse Complex, Greenhouse Blagoveschensk, TK YugAgroHolding, TK Orlovsky, TK Red Square, Demetra Technology, May Garden, TK Ryazan Roses, TPK Agroculture, FerElGam, EkoProdukt, Ekoresource, Donskoy Greenhouse Plant, Chistye Bory Greenhouse Plant, Turovsky Greenhouse Complex and many others.

Forum Highlights 2020:

• 500+ senior executives of major commercial greenhouses and agriholdings from Russia and the CIS – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, as well as investors, government officials, chief agronomists, heads of retails chains and service providers
• NEW! ONSITE VISIT TO “PODOSINKI” GREENHOUSE COMPLEX – learn about state-of-the-art flower growing technologies
• Leaders debate: The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, agriholdings, investors, initiators. How will the greenhouse industry evolve after the pandemic?
• Greenhouse investment projects on construction and modernisation to be developed in 2021-2025 from all Russian regions and the CIS
• NEW! CITY FARMING. Development prospects of the city farming trend in Russia and the CIS
• FOCUS-SESSION: Diversification – MICROGREENS, LETTUCE, PARSLEY, DILL, AND OTHER GREEN CROPS. If not cucumbers and tomatoes, what else can grow in a greenhouse?
• HOW MODERN GREENHOUSE TECHNOLOGIES CAN OPTIMISE PRODUCTION? How can innovations boost the greenhouse industry?
• GREENHOUSE MARKETING. How to sell food from greenhouse properly? Success formula by major producers
• SELLING GREENHOUSE PRODUCTS How to build cooperation with retail chains?
• AGRONOMY DAY – specialised workshops on growing vegetables. How to boost plant fertility and resistance?
• Specialised exhibition of advanced equipment and technology for greenhouses by the lead companies from the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other countries
• Fast and efficient! Road show of innovative technologies and equipment by the global leaders
• Evening cocktails

Organising Committee: Vostock Capital
Tel.: +7 495 109 9 509
E-mail: Events@vostockcapital.com
Website: https://www.greenhousesforum.com/en/

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